• Maple Cottage Assisted Living Transitions

  • Maple Cottage Assisted Living Transitions

    Assisted Living

    About Us

    People of all ages thrive in families, and families thrive at home. Home is where we come together to live; to eat, play and rest. Home is where we find understanding, comfort and help.

    Maple Cottage is a special Assisted Living home for a select group of seniors who desire the comfort and intimacy of family, and the safety and security of home.

    Our family has over 35 years of experience in caring for seniors, and creating unique spaces for living each day in positive and meaningful ways, sharing life with others and enjoying each moment to the fullest. Our small size and intimate environment capture the best of family life, and foster caring and supportive relationships. It is this environment — coupled with professional knowledge and deep experience, a carefully chosen staff, and person-centered programs — that promotes the best life possible for each member of the Maple Cottage family.

    We invite you to schedule a visit to Maple Cottage to meet the wonderful group of seniors who call it home, and to experience the unique approach to care and support that defines Maple Cottage.


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