• Gastite, Division of Titeflex Corp

  • Gastite, Division of Titeflex Corp


    About Us

    Based in Portland, Tennessee, Gastite has been a pioneer in fuel gas piping for more than twenty years and continues to set the standard in the industry with product innovations, superior technical support, and world-class customer service.

    The FlashShield+ system is a safe, time-saving and efficient method of installing piping for natural gas and liquefied propane gas. It utilizes corrugated, semi-rigid stainless steel tubing (CSST) with polyethylene jacketing and fully integrated, all-metal components. We offer a comprehensive system of fittings and accessories from our patent pending XR3 Series Fitting, to our exclusive modular stub system, to our regulators, mounting hardware and protection devices. Gastite also has available a complete line of polyethylene tubing and accessories for direct burial applications. Our products offer contractors and design engineers one-stop shopping for all their fuel gas-piping needs. This is why we say that at Gastite, the system is the solution.


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