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  • N.A.S.G. Tennessee North, Tennessee Stampings
    Job Description
    Education Requirements                
        > High school diploma or GED - Minimum          
        > Demonstrated basic math skills            
    Experience Requirements                
        > Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills        
        > Basic computer skills              
        > Prefer previous experience in a packaging / manufacturing environment.    
    Training Requirements                
        > PMA Press Training                
        > New Hire Orientation              
        > TS-16949                
        > TQPS Training                
        > In-Die Sensoring                
        > OTJ Baseline Training              
        > ShopEdge training                 
        > Yellow Belt (Six Sigma) as required            
        > Available for on & off-site Training as deemed appropriate.      
        > Basic Press functions should be learned within the first 90 days.       
        > Should be fully capable of running a Press without assistance within 6 months.  
    Skill Requirements                  
        > Accurate, efficient, & proactive in daily duties.          
        > Ability to lift 50 lbs.                
        > Ability to stand up for a minimum of 8 hours.          
        > Good hand - eye coordination.              
        > Ability to work at a fast pace.              
    Principal Duties and/or Responsibilities                
        > Pack / EPC product as it is produced from the press.          
        > Sort, Fill, Package, & Palletize product to packaging specifications.      
        > If not required for current asasignment, quickly move to next assignment as directed by Team Leader.
        > Load coils as required from cradle to reel.          
        > Feed strip of material up to the feeder to be readied for Production.      
        > During a Press Changeover, move all auxillary equipment back to storage locations  
        > 5-S as a PRIORITY - Keep station clean and orderly.          
        > Keep incoming empty containers in proper locations.        
        > Report all Quality, Production or Safety problems to the Team Leader.      
        > Perform & maintain 5-S Standards in area of responsibility.      
        > Ensure finished product is labeled and staged for Material Handler pick-up.  
        > Write & follow-up on Work Orders as needed for repairs in assigned area.    
        > Available for overtime as required.            
        > Within 6 months, serve as Press Associate, when needed, and be promotable to Press when 
          vacancy exists.                
        > Follow all Safety rules.              
        > Ensure all employees follow the Safety policy.          
        > Keep the work area clean.              
        > Be positive.                
        > Look for ways to improve.              
        > Work as a team to help others accomplish tasks.          
        > Hard work, job knowledge, and honesty will create respect and make you a leader.  
        > Lead by example.                
        > Self-disciplined & self-directed to apply time as value added      
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