• 83rd Annual Middle TN Strawberry Festival Parade Application

  • Theme: "Boots & Berries"
    Date of Parade: May 11, 2024
    Float Entry Fee: $15
    Unique Entry or Antique Vehicle: $25 (no business advertising)
    All Other Entries: $50
    Late Fee after May 2nd: $20.00 (added to the entry cost)
    Line Up Location: Victor Reiter Parkway
    Line Up for Entries: 3:00pm if being judged; 3:30pm for all other entries

    Judging will take place during the parade
    Judging criteria - overall appearance, design, originality and use of theme

    1. Complete the requested information
    2. Bring or send in your entry fee with the form (PayPal available upon request)
    3. One representative from each entry MUST attend one of the Participant's Meetings at the Chamber of Commerce office (106 Main Street in Portland)
    **Tuesday, April 30th at 10am
    **Tuesday, April 30th at 6pm
    **Thursday, May 2nd at 10am

    You will receive your lineup instructions & other vital information during this meeting.


    • Applications will be taken until May 9th but after May 2nd, there will be a $20 late fee added to your entry fee.
    • One representative from each entry MUST ATTEND one of the PARTICIPANT'S Meetings scheduled the week prior to the festival. You will receive your line-up instructions and other VITAL information.
    • A float is a fully decorated structure/vehicle that depicts the parade theme. All floats must be 100% decorated and trailers must be skirted. If an entry does not follow the theme & is not fully decorated it will not be considered for judging and will be subject to an additional fine.
    • ALL floats must consist of a fully decorated trailer (decorated according to parade theme) pulled by a vehicle (truck, SUV, semi-truck). Exceptions: Elected officials, marching bands, cheer/dance teams, city & county vehicles (fire trucks/police cars).
    • All vehicles must be in good working condition and capable of towing your float to the parade staging area, during the parade and after the parade.
    • Line-up will be on Victor Reiter Parkway. You will only be allowed to enter Victor Reiter Parkway from Highway 109 (this goes for parade entries as well as dropping off riders).
    • Floats & Judged Entries MUST be lined up by 3:00pm. All entries MUST be lined up before 3:30pm.
    • Entries are judged based on the following:
    o Interpretation of the Theme - this year’s theme is “Boots & Berries”
    o Originality – overall creativity and originality in the float design and concept
    o Craftsmanship – quality and complexity of the float’s workmanship
    • Parade will start promptly at 4:00pm, Rain or shine! Line will begin to move by 3:45pm.
    • Entries must abide by all rules on the application.
    • All vehicles, including go carts and similar vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver and have proof of insurance. Drivers and vehicle owners are liable for any damage or accident occurring from the use of their vehicle at all times.
    • Entries may use sound amplification for musical purposes, but not for addressing the audience – no speeches/campaigning please!
    • There will be NO PERFORMANCE STOPS along the parade route. You may, however, perform as the parade is moving.
    • Throwing candy from moving vehicles is NOT ALLOWED. For the safety of all, no materials may be thrown along the parade route. This includes candy, flyers, literature, etc. However, walkers alongside entries may hand out candy and other items. Violations of this rule will result in your candy being confiscated & could result in rejection for future parade entries.
    • Show bikes (motorcycles) are permitted however, they may not squeal tires, rev engines, or cause a disturbance that might endanger anyone in or along the parade route; anyone breaking this rule will be subject to arrest and at the very least, immediately removed from the parade.
    • No Animal Entries (Horses, dogs, etc.) will be allowed.
    • No graphic images will be allowed (to be determined by the Chamber staff).
    • Leave at least 1 car link between floats and maintain a speed of 3 MPH
    Please check appropriate category (any that apply to your entry) *
    Please check type of entry (all that apply) *
    Is the entry to be judged? *
    Which meeting do you plan to attend? Meetings are held at the Portland Chamber Office at 106 Main Street. *
    Please type your name if you agree. If you don't agree, your application is void.
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